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Hi everybody,

I am josechukkiri from India. This is my site for organizing and optimizing the affiliate activities of Clickbank, Amazon, bubblews and many other paid to click sites. I am thankful to for providing this fabulous facilities to showcase the affiliate links for you.I expect your co-operation and solicitation in my affiliate activities from time to time. With best regards, I am josechukkiri.

You might have heard about Clickbank. It is the largest online digital store to buy your favorite digital product on a global basis. Millions of users buy products of different sellers through Clickbank and get satisfied.

Amazon is another wonderful online buying site. You can navigate to the affiliate site clicking appropriate link.

There are many paid to click affiliate links are available on the pages allotted to the purpose.

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Pay out from Ayuwage

I am glad to inform you that I have received my 5th pay out from Ayuwage. It is $10 to my paypal account. Further I spend $5 for advertising my links in Ayuwage. So the actual earning from is $15. You can also make your earnings joining the site. The special feature of this site is there are ads available to click and earn 24 hours. In other PTC sites the available ads are limited numbers. It will take lot of time to build up earning. In ayuwage the build up of earning should be quick. you can see the link if you desire to join.